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Aunt Violet was amongst many things, nuse artist. She created art in the form of sculptures and paintings, and in the way she lived her life. We talked often of living in a cottage in the woods, each of us making art. But life, as it so often does, got in the way. Our visits there tended to be short; my energy was low due to both a serious physical illness and the emotional toll of seeing Aunt Violet in a nursing home. Often I lacked the physical strength to bring my camera with me on these visits.

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There was never enough time. But we did have one visit, one gorgeous hour, Tdaci which she painted while I photographed her. In complete silence, we worked together, utterly in sync. Aunt Violet was in the nursing home for six years. She died inat the age of And so, what began as a group of photos captured for my personal archives became, unexpectedly, my homage to a woman who inspired me, loved me, encouraged me, provided a blueprint for living.

My tribute to Aunt Violet. I am a fine art photographer from Huntington, NY. My art hoat not about image, it's about essence and as such I think of my work as a spiritual photography. I came to photography two years after a cancer diagnosis back in when a friend loaned me a camera.

Boat nude Traci

While struggling with questions regarding despair vs. One can say that I used this new opportunity as a way to re-shape my world. My intention was to connect and make good pictures; Trci to theorize about them — that came much later. The constraints and ramifications of living with chronic illness inform much of my art, as themes of connection and isolation permeate much of the work. Ultimately it is an inquiry about belonging and significance. My work has been in 31 group exhibitions both juried and otherwise, and currently is in 3 private collections.

Inshe made a guest appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Lt.

Nueshe guest-starred in an episode of Quantum Leap titled "Star Crossed". She portrayed a year-old lawyer in a relationship with a widowed businessman twice her age, played by Robert Loggia. The series had a Tracl run on CBS that summer bat was not renewed. It's just cool looking. Hatcher was three months pregnant at the filming's start, by her then husband, Jon Tenney. A publicist said the pregnancy did not affect the production schedule. She co-starred with Alec Baldwin in Heaven's Prisonerswhich failed at the box office. Hatcher made a much-discussed guest appearance on a episode of Seinfeldin which her character, Sidra, breaks up with Jerry because she believes that Jerry was trying to have Elaine surreptitiously determine whether Sidra had breast implants.

Her parting words to Jerry:

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