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In fact, only once did a white Hansrough prep player go straight to the pros: And Gene Hansbrough rises at 6 a. April 10, - He's a blue-collar worker who needs to polish his game. But pure centers, recruiting expert Bob Gibbons points out, have always made pro scouts salivate.

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It has taken a few games for Tyler and his teammates to click in Augusta, and the Eagles have opened Peach Jam play with three consecutive losses. The next morning, before the team's final Peach Jam game against the Alabama Lasers, Coach Claggett assembles his thirteen Eagles in a small room in the bowels of North Augusta's Riverview athletic complex. Ben, his little brother, two years and five inches behind Tyler, sports curlier reddish-brown hair and a mild case of acne that pocks his cheeks like the street patter that peppers his speech. He's perusing the Hansbroughs' conveniently bookmarked recruiting Web sites -- Rivals.

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Only a few weeks later, after dominating Alabama schoolboy Richard Hendrix on the trip to the AAU Peach Jam, he'll be a near-consensus number one among prep players nationwide. The Laser luminary is forced to take a seat on the bench, cueing a furious Eagles run that results in a tie score at the end of regulation -- and, ultimately, a Eagles victory. Meanwhile, the boys do what boys do:

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